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Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio is proud to have Satin Ice as a sponsor since 2011. Satin Ice manufactures rolled fondant and gum paste, and is the top brand in the industry!

Charity Organizations

The San Diego Cake Club is an important charity organization in San Diego, as they raise money for the Children's Hospital Ronald Mc Donald House. To get involved, go to:

San Diego Cake Show

The San Diego Cake Show, put on by the San Diego Cake Club, is all about raising money for charity! It is March 17 & 18, 2018 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. For tix and more info go to:

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Charity & The Cake Decorator Artists

Ro Z's Sweet Art Studio, a proud sponsor for Ambush Events, is pleased to support their chosen 2013 charity Jeans for Justice. Satin Ice, graciously, donated all the fondant and gumpaste for the cakes created by the following cake decorators; and, ProFoam of Vista donated all of the styrofoam cake dummies. The Jeans for Justice Gala is to be held in October 2013, and more details will follow. Ro Z's was part of their photo shoot for the ad campaign, and sought out top cake decorators in San Diego County to create cakes for the shoot. Check out their cakes below!

Jen Rehberg, Willy Wonka Style Golden Ticket

Jen Rehberg, Owner and Decorator of Oh For Cakes Sake at, custom created this cake for the photo shoot!

Joe Chapelle's Willy Wonka Candy Garden Cake

Cake decorator hobbyist, Joe Chapelle creates his interpretation of the Willy Wonka candy garden. Although, he is presently employed in a "real" job, he enjoys creating for his family and friends!

Carrie Hobson's Candy Tree out of Willy Wonka's Garden

Carrie Hobson, Owner & Cake Artist of Sugarlump Cakery, created the ultimate Willy Wonka Tree Candy Scene. She sprinklized this creation and built the tree to compliment the second version of Willy Wonka's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Veronica's Top Hat Inspired Willy Wonka Cake

Veronica Mendez, Owner of Veronica's Goodies, created Willy Wonka's hat her way! You can order an organically created amazing cake direct from!

Ro Goes to the Other Side of the Willy Wonka Garden

Willy Wonka (a.k.a. Ro...yep, that's me) holding her chocolate / blown/pulled sugar cake inspired by the first Willy Wonka trees by the Chocolate River. 

Icing Smiles Organization is where baking makes a difference! Help support an organization that gives back to terminally ill children and puts a smile on their face! Icing Smiles is a nationwide non-profit organization that supports the families of terminally ill children by finding a baker/decorator in their area to create a specialty cake for their child, and also assists in providing goodies in-hospital (in some regions). Support Icing Smiles today with a small donation. Any denomination is fine, as any and all is much appreciated. The paypal button below will accept any denomination which goes direct to the Icing Smiles Coordinator, Tracy Quisenberry. Read all about her story and the Icing Smiles Organization at Support them today!

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